Banner displays are commonly used in conventions, trade shows, exhibitions and other events. They are excellent for making your brand visible and even though they come in a huge array of styles, sizes and installations, eventually, there are two primary options to consider in regards to materials; fabric and vinyl.

Between the two, vinyl is more mainstream, but fabric banners provide benefits that are usually overlooked and may make them a better option for your branding and marketing needs. That being said, here are several reasons why you may want to choose fabric banners for your next event.

Vivid Colors

Thanks to advancements in printing technology, the dye-based inks utilized for direct fabric printing now create quality vivid colors compared to the traditional UV inks that were duller. In addition to better print quality, it ideally has quick production times. This means you can get your high-quality fabric displays as in a relatively short time.

Easy To Store

Fabric displays are also advantageous in that they are pretty easy to store and are quite portable. The displays of the same size pack down lighter and smaller compared to their traditional counterparts. Designed from lightweight aluminum tubing and similar lightweight materials, most fabric displays nowadays break down and store away with ease. More often than not, conventional banners have a hard case, but the fabric ones come with their own fabric case that you can easily carry over your shoulder for maximum convenience and portability.

Easy To Use

Fabric banners are not only easy to store and transport, but they are ideally very easy to set up and dismantle. While the material will last for long, it is ideally good to know that replacing the graphics is a relatively easy process. This is an excellent thing when you have various offers that differ depending on the event you’re attending. This allows you to change promotions on your frame.


This is perhaps the most overlooked benefit of fabric banners. The frames of these banners have become very creative and due to the material, they have become an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Do not get caught up in overlooking how distinct your presentation has the potential for.


Vinyl banners are popular for their resistance to wear and durability, but even so, they are subject to distortion and creasing due to pressure. That’s why they need to be carefully rolled up when being stored, instead of being folded.

However, when it comes to fabric banners, the story is completely different. Fabric banner materials such as nylon satin and polyester are naturally crease-resistant. Any marks and creases that form as a result of folding can be removed easily and quickly with a household iron.

As you can see, there are many benefits that fabric banners have to offer compared to their counterparts. They are a durable, easy to set up and transport solution and can really make your brand stand out in the most crowded places. For more about branding check out Mammoth Imaging.